Hello! My name is Precious Richards, born and raised in Birmingham, UK. I am a makeup artist specialising in beauty/editorial and fashion.

I have been a makeup artist for the past 4 years now. I have worked on music videos and album artwork, photoshoots, theatre productions and local fashion shows around Birmingham such as Birmingham Fashion Festival and Style Expo. My goal is to be a global or international makeup artist, working with different brands and working on big fashion shows such as LFW, PFW etc. In the near future, I would like to have my own beauty cosmetics and to be a teacher/educator teaching beauty and fashion makeup and helping students get the experience they need to be a successful makeup artists.


My influences in makeup are from growing up looking at music videos, magazines, tv shows and fashion from the 80s to now. I liked how the beauty and fashion standards back then, there were no boundaries and no judgement. It was all about glossy lips, bold, colourful eyeshadow, fresh skin, denim on denim, shoulder pads, big hair, chunky shoes, you name it. Everyone was free to express themselves and that is what I do with makeup. I enhance beauty, not covering it up. I like experimenting and doing stuff out of the ordinary. My motto is “I see faces as a canvas, I use my brushes and start painting a picture”.

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